Terms and Conditions

Cambridge Management and Leadership School operate several policies as per rules and regulations to meet our accreditation, recognition and regulatory requirements and provide guidance and instructions to students to help them to achieve their career aim from our qualifications and services. As a student, you must read, understand and comply with our policies throughout your study with us.


  • You have purchased our course from third party OR
  • You have purchased our course from our website https://cmls-global.com OR https://www.cmls.org.uk/online
  • You are accepted to study with Cambridge Management and Leadership School (Online or Distance Learning Qualification) OR
  • You are accepted to study with Cambridge Management and Leadership School in its study campus

You will be entering into a legally binding agreement Cambridge Management and Leadership with the following terms and conditions.

  1. You are agreed to pay the total cost of qualification to Cambridge Management and Leadership School. Total Cost of qualification includes tuition fees and assessment fees. Tuition fees cover the cost of your tuition, Virtual Learning Platform, learning materials, tutor support, admin staff support, and provision of ancillary services and counselling. Assessment fees cover registration fees, the examination/assignment cost of each unit, marking assignments by assessors and providing feedback to students, quality assurance of assessment to confirm grades, qualification certificate and transcript at the end of the course. All fees unless where specifically stated will apply to the whole duration of the course.
  2. You are agreed that Cambridge Management and Leadership School will mark your assignments, provide you with constructive feedback, and update your results in the Virtual Learning Platform.
  3. You are agreed that Cambridge Management and Leadership School will not charge you any re-sit or resubmission of assignment if you study any of our course falls at Level 2 to Level 7. You are agreed to pay re-sit/re-assessment fees of any qualification at Level 8 or above.
  4. You can cancel the course within 14 days, we will refund you full amount only if you have not accessed the course materials offered by Cambridge Management and Leadership School. You are not eligible to get a refund within 14 days of the course purchase if you have accessed your course materials or communicated with any course tutors or purchase the course on discounts or postpone the course.
  5. Under no circumstances, a refund will be made where a student knowingly submits supporting documents or requested documents, which are fraudulent and incomplete and the application is subsequently refused for that reason. If you submit any requested document fraudulently, we will take it as serious malpractice on the behalf of the student, and cancel your registration and certificate (if issued).
  6. You are agreed to comply with our registration policy. Our qualifications (regulated and accredited) are suitable to learners who are 18+ and as per qualifications regulations, you are agreed to provide proof of ID – passport or a driving licence (full or provisional) and/or previous level qualifications and/or work experience within 10 days of your enrolment.
  7. You are agreed to study in our Virtual Learning Platform where you can start lessons (Lessons are units in our qualifications), upload assignments, track progress and study relevant learning material relating to your programme. You are agreed to purchase your own textbooks in case you are unable to read or download study materials from our online materials.
  8. You are agreed that Cambridge Management and Leadership School will monitor your behaviour (including discussions and attendance) in the Virtual Learning Platform. In the case of any unethical behaviour, we will suspend your account with or without notice to protect other students.
  9. We will not contact you on social media to provide us with any information relating to your study, therefore, you are agreed not to share any course or personal information in our social media (Facebook/LinkedIn).
  10. You are agreed to comply with the rules and regulations of Cambridge Management and Leadership School and its regulatory authority/accreditation and partner awarding bodies. 
  11. You are agreed to pass minimum 3 assignments in the first 12 months if you are given a free extension up to 18 or 24 months on the qualification with an actual duration (3, 6, 9 or 12 months), otherwise you will pay full assessment fees to keep your enrolment valid with Cambridge Management and Leadership School. Payment of assessment fees must be made at the end of 12th month by visiting https://cmls.org.uk/online/payment.   
  12. You are agreed to comply with the qualification specification requirements that also includes external awarding bodies’ qualifications specifications. While you can expect us to maintain, follow and implement our policies, including regulations, codes of practice and guidelines, setting out how we manage and support your programme of study.
  13. If you withdraw the course during your study with us, you are agreed to pay remaining assessment fees only if you are paying assessment fees in monthly instalments.  
  14. You are agreed to sign the ‘Candidate Authentication Form’ declaration before submitting assignments/coursework. All assignments should be uploaded within due dates as per study planner. These assignments must be the original and intellectual work of the students. Any material taken from a book, the internet or unpublished work must be properly referenced. You must not copy any work of others what so ever unless and until it is deemed necessary. The purpose of copying must be explained in the reference section of the assignment. You can seek advice from the tutor of the respective module during writing an assignment. You can expect us to mark, update your result in the portal, provide you with constructive feedback to improve subsequent assignments (if any) and maintain your intellectual property.
  15. You are agreed to ensure these terms and conditions will be enforced from the date of your enrolment (or the course purchase date). Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under this agreement arising from fires, floods, acts of God, strikes, riots or any other cause beyond its reasonable control ("force majeure") provided the affected party notifies the other immediately and in the case of Cambridge Management and Leadership School takes all reasonable measures to mitigate the effects of the force majeure on its obligations and to resume the performance of its obligations as soon as possible after the force majeure.
  16. You are agreed that in no circumstances shall Cambridge Management and Leadership School be liable (1) for any losses, damages, costs and/or expenses arising from events outside its reasonable control, (2) for any consequential, economic, indirect or special loss howsoever arising, and/or (3) for any loss of profits, revenue, business, opportunity, goodwill, interest or savings (whether direct or indirect) provided nothing in this clause shall be construed so as to exclude or limit a party's liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence or any other liability which by law cannot be excluded or limited.
  17. You are agreed to not to perform any malpractice or maladministration during your study with Cambridge Management and Leadership School.
  18. You are agreed that Cambridge Management and Leadership School will keep a record of your registration and certification for at least minimum 3 years to fulfil its regulatory requirements. We keep your record to provide your employment or further study progression references.
  19. You are agreed to update your details to Cambridge Management and Leadership School in case you have changed your home address or legal name.
  20. You are agreed that these Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.