Certificate in Retail Management

Certificate in Retail Management

Certificate in Retail Management

Cambridge Management and Leadership School Certificate in Retail Management provides in-depth skills, knowledge and understanding of overall retail management and leadership and helps you build all the skills required for professional practice in retailing. Retailing is one of the largest sectors in the world and plays an important role in the economy. There are many well-established Small, medium and large multinational companies in the retail sector to sell their products and services to customers and attract customers to buy their products and services in a competitive environment either in-store or online. According to the research, the retail industry is vital to the UK economy; each year it generates roughly £350billion worth of retail sales. It is the largest private sector employer in the UK. Therefore, this course will provide you with multidimensional career-related skills to provide you with effective management and leadership skills in retailing.

Certificate in Retail Management is developed according to the latest National Occupational Standards, which are useful for learners to apply skills to perform effectively at work.

In this course, you will learn how to

  • Work efficiently and effectively to work in a team and to support others in a retail organisation
  • Manage stock levels, stock inventories and storage
  • Manage goods and services in a retail environment
  • Maintain the availability of goods on display in the retail environment to promote products and services
  • Management of payment transactions
  • Contribute to the improvement of overall retail business
  • Manage overall store, premises, inventories, space
  • Manage human resources in the retail organisation
  • Manage the equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion in your own area of responsibility
  • Evaluate and improve retail displays
  • Manage retail merchandise
  • Manage a team to achieve excellence in the customer services
  • Demonstrate products to customers in a retail organisation
  • Check for and notice retail customers who may need help finding products at all times
  • Improve customer relationship and customer satisfaction
  • Contribute to decision-making processes within retail buying, merchandising, financing and marketing
  • Make effective and sound decisions in retailing



Certificate in Retail Management provides knowledge, understanding and skills required to support a range of administrative, managerial and professional careers in the retail industry. Overall learning objectives of this course are to,

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the retail manager
  • Make an effective decision making in your area of responsibility for personal and professional development
  • Manage finance, team, premises, merchandising, inventory, pricing and overall health and safety for the retail business
  • Develop a marketing strategy for Target Customers
  • Develop your Human Resources for excellent retail management.

Certificate in Retail Management includes only one module which includes topics to develop learners’ key skills relating to people management, customer services, factors influencing retail consumer, team-working, decision making at any environment or level, retail strategy to gain a competitive advantage on your competitors, Merchandise Management, Premises Management, Inventory Management, Receipt Management, Managing Retail Spaces, Retail Pricing, health and safety requirements for the retail business and how to meet the target market requirement.


Continuous Professional Development

This qualification also provides continuous professional development (CPD) to working professionals in the retail industry where they can spend their time to audit and evaluate CPD activity to meet the qualification learning objectives.


Career path

This qualification attracts learners from all over the world where diploma holders can join careers in Retail Industry as Team Leader, Supervisor, Customer Service Manager, Relationship Officer, Business Analyst or a Retail Manager/owner. You will also get direct entry to study further qualification with us at the undergraduate or the postgraduate level.

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